School of Spirituality (SOS)

What is ‘School Of Spirituality’ (SOS) by Smita Jayakar?

The School of Spirituality (SOS) founded by Smita Ji Jayakar was created to impart her entire Spiritual Learnings, teachings and discoveries. She has created forms of meditation that lead to knowledge of oneself (Self Actualisation) and knowledge of the divine manifestation.

Smita Ji has combined her learnings, methods and spiritual wisdom. She has self explored, learned from her Gurus and Masters, who have then blessed her as Boons (Vardaan) with the same.

All of this combined together, Smita Ji has created very simple path-breaking techniques to bring forth your spiritual upliftment.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs establishes Self Actualisation as the last stage. But in today’s day and age, Self Actualisation or Awakening to Spirituality should be imbibed in us with the word “GO”.

Why ‘GO’ for ‘School of Spirituality’ (SOS) by Smita Jayakar?

Smita Ji Jayakar is in the process of seeking out energy beings to whom she can make a radical shift.

She realizes that people approach spirituality or spiritual processes like a patch in life, like anyone who takes a diploma or a specialization in any other practical/materialistic field. One must work out in the area of self-actualization with consistent navigation.

The techniques taught in the School of Spirituality (SOS) will lead you towards love for the entire creation and a condition of beatitude and peace that cannot be realized with any other knowledge.

The modules are designed to help you find your spiritual purpose and break through the barriers that hinder you from progressing further along your spiritual path.

Our Motive for School of Spirituality (SOS) is to make your transformation happen, which would transcend into something great that will set your soul on fire.

We would be proud to be your navigating companion for your Spiritual (Self Actualisation) Journey.

When should you go for ‘School of Spirituality’ (SOS) by Smita Jayakar?

If you are looking for spiritual ascendance or a spiritual school to aid you on your ongoing journey of spirituality, you’ve come to the right place… School Of Spirituality (SOS) by Smita Jayakar. When you participate with Smita Ji Jayakar’s School Of Spirituality (SOS), you make a difference for the greater good to elevate humanity’s consciousness. Together, we can harness the power provided in a community to promote spirituality and self-actualization journey further.

Where you are Where you should be
Stressed and have unwanted/uncontrolled thoughts, or have an untamed mind Be able to control your spiritual senses.
Going around in circles feeling stuck in the cloud of confusion and it has not got you anywhere. Have a solid urge to truly understand what the next step is and how to get there.
Feeling stuck even after trying to move forward. Have an explicit knowledge of where you are heading and what your path holds.
Going through a cycle of suffering and misery Capable of facing challenges in life and tide over suffering and misery.
Achieved certain milestones or goals in your life and something hits in your personal life and you find yourself feeling like you have lost your way or that connection. Ready For A Spiritual Upliftment and welcoming abundance and prosperity.
Feel very distant from the purpose of your life Understand precisely why you are on this planet and “Who Am I?”

Where and How you can join ‘School of Spirituality’ (SOS) by Smita Jayakar ?

School of Spirituality (SOS) is conducted virtually. In certain situations, sessions may happen in-person depending on the module.

Smita Ji Jayakar has created modules like ‘Meditate with Me’, ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ and ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’, which involves her life’s entire knowledge, in-depth Research and Learnings, Experiences from her Intense Self Practise of Sadhanas (all under one umbrella), Grace given by her Masters, Boons (Vardaan) given by her Masters and Downloads from the Source.

The program is primarily conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar (Foundational Lectures - Seeding and Initiation) and mostly assisted by her team (Repeat Lectures, Practise Lectures, to keep you on consistent track lectures, Instilling basics of certain Lectures).

Your Spiritual Path is of Essence... Your Soul is Calling you... Let us handhold you… School of Spirituality (SOS) by Smita Jayakar