Entity Clearing from the Property and Spaces & Energizing the same (ECPSE)

What is ‘Entity Clearing from the Property and Spaces & Energizing the same’ (ECPSE) according to Me?

A house or an office or a store is like a sponge. Whatever transpires in the environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects.

At times, in spaces occupied by other people before, older energies can get accumulated over time and be connected to tragic events that you have no idea about.

Energy debris can result from negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress that you (your family or co-workers) have experienced in your space. If you had an adverse event happen recently or a lot of sadness or fear, there is a high chance that your space will have absorbed some of that energy.

Stagnated or karmic energies or evil spirits or negative energies must be removed to balance the energy of the house/office/workspace and clear their impact so that the energy gets balanced and purified for best results.

Why do ‘Entity Clearing from the Property and Spaces & Energizing the same’ (ECPSE) with Me?

Clearing your house/office/workspace with me, can be individually customized and designed to balance any imbalances, clear any energetic debris and return the space to harmony and prosperity.

I meditate a day before and download any energetic processes or energies required for the specific space (house/office/workspace) clearing.

Clearing processes for each client involves clearing the space with crystals, my specialized yantra and energetic downloads received through meditation.

Additionally, I charge the space with positive energies, which significantly change the qualitative environment and bring success, good fortune and harmony.

I may also give certain Yantras and Crystals to be placed within the space for the defined intent and purpose.

Space Clearing can be performed for any space (house/office/workspace). One should not be greatly concerned whether they own or rent the property as my technique is not destructive like in other modalities.

When should you go for ‘Entity Clearing from the Property and Spaces & Energizing the same’ (ECPSE) with Me?

  • When You don’t feel the positive energy in your space
  • When you’re not easily able to conduct any type of renovation activities in your house
  • Your home was built on a place of past tragedy
  • If the energy of the family or tenants is not positive and communication is lacking
  • Family members continually suffering from ill health
  • Emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety and fear-based patterns occur
  • Your intuition is telling you that your space needs uplifting
  • To release suffering spirits and fear-based energies
  • A separation, divorce, illness or death has occurred
  • Your home has had previous homeowners
  • When you’re starting a new venture
  • When you are buying or shifting to a new house or workspace.
  • When you are not easily able to keep cleanliness in your space
  • To maintain the higher vibrations in your space always

Where and how will I do ‘Entity Clearing from the Property and Spaces & Energizing the same’ (ECPSE) for you?

This can be done at owned or rented spaces.

At your living space, revenue generation place, administrative business places that may not be revenue-generating, places you often visit but not necessarily be living there, second home spaces, any properties, or your desired space.