Heaven Answers Reader (HAR)

About Heaven Answers from my point of view

I came across that people are faced with questions/problems/issues for various situations and it was tough for them to take decisions.

I further observed that they couldn't make a choice and were unable to find answers to their burning Questions/Problems/Issues. They were invariably coming across roadblocks and even after having possessed practical evaluations and did not know how to overcome their burning Questions/Problems/Issues.

They were struggling with problems like love life ahead, career choices, the "big" decisions and so on, and they couldn't get an apt way forward to gain insight into the complicated conclusions the future would hold, painful events of the past, life challenges and the present encounters. Times became critical for them and they needed immediate answers to deal with the situation.

They started coming to me in search of solutions and to be precise- Solutions/Answers by Spiritual Intervention.

That's when I developed this modality which I call and term as "Heaven Answers". Eventually, I was blessed with this modality by my Masters. And I connected to the Source and started getting answers to all client questions as "Downloads". I facilitate people in this area, which has helped many get immediate solutions through "Heaven Answers". Unlike predictions given in other modalities, these 'Downloads are messages' which come directly from the Source. That is why I call it "Heaven Answers".

About finding, developing and inventing 'Heaven Answers' Cards and teaching it to other people- After contributing to over 1200 clients and giving them Solutions/Answers by Spiritual Intervention by my modality 'Heaven Answers' (HA), about 138 clients approached me saying that they wanted to learn this modality and serve others. I was left with a challenge, not just to teach them but to leave a legacy for those who wanted to serve others through this modality. It was a trying time and a tough situation about how I would pass this to others as my original method cannot be taught or shared with other people, as it is a boon given to me by my Masters. I had a simple question to answer, "Can I pass it down or teach others, keeping the results unwavered?"

I went into deep Sadhanas and meditated on the same relentlessly and resiliently and achieved the crack or tool to scale it, pass it and teach it. The outcome of the entire process was a deck of cards that I would like to pass on to those people who would like to take up Heaven Answers as their medium for giving Solutions/Answers by Spiritual Intervention.

The deck of cards of 'Heaven Answers' (HA) will act as an instrument for decision making through Spiritual Intervention for times to come.

What is it all about to be a 'Heaven Answers Reader' (HAR) and get certified from me?

The certificate you earn through an intense process and the Sadhanas you undergo will make you qualified enough to guide people in taking decisions to find answers to their burning questions/problems/issues.

You will act as a reliable facilitator by learning Heaven Answer Card Reading.

Why learn 'Heaven Answers Reading' (HAR) from me?

I have designed this modality as my responsibility to teach you for the purpose that people can benefit from Solutions/Answers by Spiritual Intervention.

When to learn 'Heaven Answers Reading' (HAR) from me?

  • When you get a signal for seeking guidance from higher energies.
  • When your need for giving is way higher.
  • When you know that the only thing freely available is baseless advice and not effective solutions.
  • When you want to be a medium for people to help them make appropriate choices.
  • When you realise the need for Spiritual Intervention for decision making.
  • Getting universal signs and feeling a deep sense of support from the universal energy.
  • When you trust to be driven by your instincts and intuitions.
  • When your intentions are not operated out of the ego to conquer and exploit it unreasonably.
  • When you operate out of humility, a state of gratitude and wanting to share the grace that you have acquired for the greater good of humanity.

Where and how to learn 'Heaven Answers Reading' (HAR) from me?

It will be done virtually.

In certain situations, sessions may happen in person depending on the module. The program is conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar and is assisted by her team.

A curriculum and a lesson planner would be designed after a detailed evaluation of your spiritual potency with an objective to align you to the energies of the cards, being able to draw the seeker's energies to the cards and their higher self and stepping into their energies combined with their Universal calling and seek answers to base their decisions on.