Past Life Regression (PLR)

What is ‘Past Life Regression’ (PLR) according to me?

The Cause & Effect Principle, also known as the law of karma, forms the base of PLR. It addresses the root cause and enables profound change at the source of the problem.

PLR as a healing process does work intensely and beautifully on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

As souls, we eternally carry forward the learnings and experiences from one human birth to another.

As physical energy beings (humans), we confront physical life on planet earth through different human bodies.

It is a choice we make at a spiritual level towards every birth, to decide the lessons we have to learn for ourselves for each life we live. The technique of PLR is a good way to energise your soul.

Why do ‘Past Life Regression’ (PLR) with Me?

Till now, I have helped over 1400 people positively change their behaviour patterns, got them rid of their fear-based thinking, bettered their relations, cured physical illnesses. Out of them, many lead to a spiritual awakening.

All my clients have warranted maximum emotional release, healing their souls which set them on fire!

When is the right time to do ‘Past Life Regression’ (PLR) with me?

When you are having or facing phobias, cyclical patterns of negative thoughts, direct or indirect fears, brain fog and issues that stem from childhood that may also originate from the past (desires, thoughts, feelings, emotions, promises, decisions, evasions or traumatic experiences).

At many times, the cause resides and is found in the larger picture and beyond our prudence.
In a nutshell, through the PLR therapy, we delve into the past for a wholesome present.

Where and how will I do ‘Past Life Regression’ (PLR) for you?

It can be done in Person or Virtually (through surrogacy process).