Yantra and Crystal Energizing (YCE)

What is 'Yantra and Crystal Energizing' (YCE) according to me?

Yantras - Usage of Yantras has been practiced since 3300 B.C. 'Yan' means to control, curb or influence and 'Tra' means a tool. Yantra is a tool or a diagram illustrating a sacred geometrical arrangement in a symmetrical design that emits positive cosmic energies, curbs negative energies and helps individuals upraise spiritually. Yantra, typically translated as an "instrument", yields benefits to the wearer or user to fulfil selected and preferred purposes.

Crystals - Crystal is the first form of life that appeared on this planet. Crystals have life and they can talk to you. Acting like magnets, crystals can absorb the negative energies and welcome fresh vibes, from bringing peace to mind , to fighting depression by channeling your energy levels, thereby focusing on healing your body from the inside. Crystals are your powerhouse for healing as they allow positive and fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the harmful and toxic energy.

Why do ‘Yantra and Crystal Energizing’ (YCE) with me?

I have done multitudinous Sadhanas for 35 years and have undergone many processes and training, whereby through my sadhanas, I have got it as a Download from the universal energies as a ‘Divine Gift’.

I have energized over 700 Yantras with specific intent for my clients and approximately over 3000 Crystals for their use wherein they have worn it or kept it at their places. It is simply a matter of knowing which Yantras or Crystals can get the job done for you or your intent and purpose.

I will thoroughly check your energies from all dimensions; your aura, your frequencies, your astrological chart, planetary positions, energy blocks and then energize the Yantra/Crystal fit for your purpose and align the missing gap and power up (energize) your yantra or crystal accordingly.

When to do 'Yantra and Crystal Energizing' (YCE) with me?

When you want to enhance financial gains, eliminate diseases, synchronize energies with your body, and cure your physical health issues. They also protect you from negative energies and heal your relationships.

Certain crystals help in Chakra activation. Yantras can help rectify any Doshas and make your habitat a positive place and protect you against black magic and evil spells.

Where to do 'Yantra and Crystal Energizing' (YCE) with me?

It can be done whilst the Yantra/Crystal physically being present in front of me or it can also be done virtually.