Meditate With Me (MwM)

What is ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) according to me ?

Meditate with Me (MwM) by Smita Jayakar is the number one tool to increase your health, happiness and inner peace.

The intent & purpose of ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) offers one-to-one meditation sessions, customised for your practice or areas of focus, problems that you want to resolve or as a tool in your arsenal for prosperity. A detailed case capture is taken from your side by us and we delve deeper as you develop your meditational skills.

The principle of ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) also tackles mental health conditions, challenges such as anxiety, grief, depression and self-esteem issues.

The policy for ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) teaching technique is based on simplicity, insight and compassion. It also develops your practice to a level that will lead to a healthier, happier and a more fulfilling way of life while gaining greater insights into your nature.

The philosophy of ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) will allow you to develop your ideal meditation sequence step by step, adapted to your personality, making you feel more at home in yourself, connecting more to your inner nature.

Why do ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) ?

The meditation techniques created by Smita Ji Jayakar are new and original, designed to help you transform and heal your life. You will gradually experience the development of your healing power moving through, eventually healing yourself and setting your ‘Soul On Fire.’

You may experience additional growth in your mind, body and spirit and manifest your heart’s desires and see situations from a new perspective.

When should You Go for ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) ?

Looking at the state of the world and us in it today, especially post-pandemic, it suggests us that it is a now or never situation. Too many people experience meditation as a stumbling block, finding it hard to silence their minds.

With Meditate with Me (MwM) techniques and training, anybody can learn how to meditate and realize its immense and infinite benefits.

Some people are more emotional, more rational or more action orientated. Some are more visual or more auditive, more stressed or more relaxed. Some are more interested in the purity of the self or more sensitive to the power of vibration and sensations at gross or at subtle levels...

Meditate with Me (MwM) teaching, training, and technique auto-fits all, helping us manage or defeat suffering and misery and welcome abundance and prosperity. Smita Ji Jayakar developed meditational techniques and created them just for you with your utmost personal needs and heart’s desires in mind.

When is it your time for ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) ?

When you expect to experience the below in life-

  • Release negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Free from past hurts
  • Heal relationships
  • Purify impurities in the mind
  • Bounce back from a traumatic experience
  • Cope or manage sufferings and miseries
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Deal with life’s changes
  • Embrace positivity
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Enjoy better health
  • Better colonization of the mind
  • Connect and receive Spiritual guidance
  • Explore your heart center
  • Step into your power
  • Open to abundance and prosperity
  • Understand “Who Am I?”, and mine your purpose out

Where and how will I do your ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM) for you ?

It will be done virtually.
In certain situations, sessions may happen in-person depending on the module.

The program is primarily conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar (Foundational Lectures - Seeding and Initiation) and mostly assisted by her team (Repeat Lectures, Practise Lectures, to keep you on consistent track lectures, Instilling basics of certain Lectures).