Spiritual Guidance and Counselling (SGC)

What is ‘Spiritual Guidance and Consultation’ (SGC) according to me?

Spiritual guidance/consultation is a type of guidance/consultation that focuses on a person's spiritual side. It is a holistic approach.

There are a couple of reasons why a person may consider spiritual guidance/consultation. First of all, it can be done to explore or solidify their personal spiritual beliefs. Spirituality plays an essential role in the well-being of a person. ... spiritual care has the potential to be a powerful intervention while treating clients who are facing any issues relating to life.

Generally, people are out of alignment with their True Self, so they experience conflicts and difficulties. My work is to align these imbalances and restore harmony.

When should you go for your ‘Spiritual Guidance and Consultation’ (SGC) with me?

The earlier you realize that you need spiritual guidance/consultation, the better it is for you to deal with challenges in your life.

People usually come to me for spiritual guidance/consultation when they are cracking under the pressures of life and cannot find solutions.

Why wait for a problem when I can assure you that I can protect you and shield you as I have the grace of my Master Maitreya Dadashreeji.

Why should you do your ‘Spiritual Guidance and Consultation’ (SGC) with Me?

When you face challenges and struggles to get solutions in your relationships, finances, career and health, psychological and emotional issues.

My work here will empower you and I assure you of a significant shift in your life that you have been waiting for...

When this inner shift happens, you will automatically see your materialistic world-changing also...

Success will be at your feet… as they say, you will have the 'Midas touch'.

Where and how will I do your ‘Spiritual Guidance and Consultation’ (SGC) for you?

It can be done Virtually or Over the Phone or In Person.