Automatic Writing - Mediumship (AWM)

'Auto Writing' (AW) from my point of view

Automatic Writing is a healing process. It brings about closure to the soul who has passed over and to people here.

This helps the soul to transition, which means it does not get stuck in the Earth’s space. Automatic Writing occurs when someone allows himself or herself to become a vessel through which messages can be channeled.

It allows the Spirit, the universal mind, or your higher self to flow through you and create or guide the words you write.

It comes directly to your hand from the Spirit. It is a psychic gift and one of the rare types of psychic communication abilities I have been gifted with by my Master.

What is it all about to learn ‘Automatic Writing - Mediumship’ (AWM) and get certified from me?

If learning ‘Auto Writing’ (AW) and wanting to be recognised as a ‘Certified Auto Writer’ is your calling, my teaching techniques and earning this certification should be the action to your call.

Whenever I have done sessions for my clients, they tell me that they were urged to speak to their loved one and they would be very thankful that I could medium it out for them. But in true sense, it is the soul that wants to speak and conjures this communication.

If you resonate to become a medium (Auto Writer), it will be made sure that you are navigated to a frequency that would set you in a motion towards becoming a sincere and a credible medium (Auto Writer).

Why learn ‘Automatic Writing - Mediumship’ (AWM) from me?

I have been practicing Auto Writing for more than two and a half decades and have channeled approximately more than 3000 souls. With all humility, I can state that I have also channeled higher enlightened Masters like Sai Baba, Swami Vivekanand, Mahaavataar Babaji and Jesus Christ...

It is a boon given to me by my Master – Prabhuji.

Maitreya Dadashreeji (my present Master) has also permitted me to do Auto writing as this is the best way to release the souls which have passed over and I have His protection for the same.

When to learn ‘Automatic Writing - Mediumship’ (AWM) from me?

  • When you get a signal for seeking guidance from higher energies.
  • The need to heal others urges you, wanting to be a catalyst for a process that can heal others.
  • When your need for giving is way higher.
  • When you want to connect with spirits for closure, healing (both ways), or decode messages.
  • Wanting to be able to connect with loved ones who have passed over.
  • Getting universal signs and feeling a deep sense of support from the universal energy.
  • When you trust to be driven by your instincts and intuitions.
  • When your intentions are not operated out of the ego to conquer and exploit it unreasonably
  • When you operate out of humility, a state of gratitude and wanting to share the grace that you have acquired for the greater good of humanity.

Where and how to learn ‘Automatic Writing - Mediumship’ (AWM) from me?

It will be done virtually. In certain situations, sessions may happen in-person depending on the module. The program is conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar and is assisted by her team.

A curriculum and a lesson planner would be designed after a detailed evaluation of your spiritual potency with an objective to get you to a state wherein you can decipher between intuition and soul messages.