Entity Clearing/Removal from Human Bodies (EC)

What is ‘Entity Clearing/Removal from Human Bodies’ (EC) according to Me?

Entity/Entities attachment is the invasion of one’s body or the subconscious mind by adverse energies.

An entity has no power; they are energies vibrating at very low frequencies. These energies are usually from the lower realms. It does not need the approval of the host.

It enters into a person when their aura is weak or ill; at that point, these entities use a person’s body to fulfill their desires. We need to get these entity/entities out of our bodies as we do not want someone else to use our bodies.

Entity Clearing/Removal from human bodies is the process of releasing attached entities from one’s body and mind. Once the entities are removed, the trouble that they had been creating tends to improve immediately.

Why do your ‘Entity Clearing/Removal from Human Bodies’ (EC) with Me?

I have been doing this for the past 15-20 years, wherein I have healed many individuals having entity problems. My intense sadhanas have enabled me to identify these entities by merely looking at a person’s picture. I have worked on almost 500-600 people successfully.

When should you go for your ‘Entity Clearing/Removal from Human Bodies’ (EC) with Me?

When one is faced with unjustifiable issues in life and has sorted to every logical solution but of no avail.

A person may experience symptoms like a change in one’s character when there are no pre-existing conditions that show that modification.

Signs like - Sudden changes in habits such as eating or drinking habits, substance abuse, anger issues, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Immense problems occurring, especially after a surgery or a traumatic event.

Hearing voices, experiencing multiple personalities, anxiety, fears, loss of short term memory and concentration issues.

Abrupt weight gain (especially after a surgery or a distressing event).

Severe health problems for unknown reasons.

Where and how will I do your ‘Entity Clearing/Removal from Human Bodies’ (EC) for you?

It can be done in-person or virtually through surrogacy.