Spiritual Transformation Process (STP)

What is ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) according to me?

Spiritual Transformation is a very deep process. It enables you to shed inhibitions and blocks of any nature.

Today most of us are out of sync and not in tune with our inner selves.

As a part of the cause-and-effect cycle, we lose our connection within, and for some, they have not yet established one.

The one basic requirement of an energy being is that it feeds on growth. If we are not adequately fed on growth (from time to time), or in some cases, remain stagnant (for a significant amount of time), it deprives us from stepping into our true powers.

The ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’(STP) will serve as a growth factor that our soul is yearning for…

Put efforts consistently and approach the ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) (by Smita Jayakar) diligently and step into your power!

Why do ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) with Me?

The ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) is intermediary to ‘Meditate with Me’ (MwM).

Smita Ji has created the ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP), which will make your spiritual journey sublime. The ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) (by Smita Jayakar) helps you discover and develop techniques that are best suited to you.

Firstly, by making you a seasoned meditator, we make sure that you have the requisite wisdom to handle the process yourself and receive the energies and channelize them to your very core for your profound spiritual transformation.

When should You go for ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) with Me?

Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner of other spiritual techniques, you should go for the ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP) as the next step for your spiritual growth.

If you’re in the below situations, it is time to transform!

  • Your job is not fulfilling.
  • Your relationships are not satisfactory.
  • Abnormal amounts of conflict or disagreement with your spouse, parents, children, or at your workplace.
  • You feel bored or unenthusiastic and have a difficult time concentrating or getting "work" done.
  • When your feelings are mostly impulsive versus being wholesome.
  • When you're barely sleeping or sleeping all the time.
  • When you feel out of alignment and life seems to be falling apart.
  • When you feel depressed, anxious and alone.
  • When you cannot control your emotions, cry abruptly, moan or laugh uncontrollably or out of context.
  • When you get entangled in the rat race of life and everything seems to fall apart.
  • When you only tend to do what is of utmost priority.
  • When your mind tries to make sense of it all but cannot.
  • When you keep making repetitive mistakes and get caught up in illusions.
  • When you get signs from the universe, having new or unexplainable experiences.

Where and how will I do your ‘Spiritual Transformation Process’ (STP)?

It will be done virtually.
In certain situations, sessions may happen in person, depending on the module.

The program is primarily conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar (Foundational Lectures - Seeding and Initiation) and mostly assisted by her team (Repeat Lectures, Practise Lectures, to keep you on consistent track lectures, Instilling basics of certain Lectures).