Spiritual Life Coaching (SLC)

What is ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) according to me?

It is said, “Strategy without execution is meaningless.”

When you have accounted that your spiritual learnings, leanings are implored and imbibed, then you are at a stage of setting up your yardstick. Thus the fruits of spirituality become measurable or accountable in real-time.

Smita Ji will navigate you through this process and make sure your spirituality is implemented through goal setting, goal tracking and goal manifestation and evaluating your achievements from time-to-time.

Now it is your time to reap the fruits, taking into account the transformation you have achieved to manifest in your space what you desire... you want... and the patience you have kept to crystalize your ultimate vision.

Why do ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) with Me?

For all your materialistic goals and success that you want to achieve, Smita Ji Jayakar’s ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) module liaisons the gap.

Being coached in the ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) module is the perfect recipe for success.

When should You go for ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) with Me?

Here are some examples of what ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) can help with:

  • Not satisfied in your career
  • Do not know what to do in life
  • Having unnecessary tied up schedules
  • Shaken belief systems
  • When cannot decipher between dreams and reality
  • Operating from subconscious fears
  • Understanding to mine out fulfilling relationships
  • No signs from the gut and feeling stuck in a rut
  • Not being consumed in your potential
  • Feeling wasted
  • Doing things with half belief system
  • Perplexed about every action
  • Feeling everything, still know nothing
  • Not able to comprehend the obstacles coming in your most minor achievements
  • Not being able to colonize your mind
  • Repetitive minuscule obstacles and not able to work out things
  • Cannot be motivated by external circumstances
  • When you cannot “UP” your game
  • When you feel like giving up

Where and how will I do your ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’  (SLC) for you?

It will be done virtually.
In certain situations, sessions may happen in person, depending on the module.
The program is primarily conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar (Goal setting exercises and Goal manifestation process) and mostly assisted by her team (Goal tracking and milestone evaluation).

***(In certain clients’ cases, it may be taken directly to ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) after evaluating the client’s journey. But mostly, we only take up in tandem with Meditate with Me (MwM) and Spiritual Transformation Process. Cases taken on ‘Spiritual Life Coaching’ (SLC) directly will only happen at the discretion of Smita Ji Jayakar.)***