Sankalp Poojan (SP)

What is 'Sankalp Poojan' (SP) according to me?

In Sanskrit, 'San' means auspicious and 'Kalpa' means a Shaastra or a Veda.

A Sankalp is a wish, desire, intent and declaration. In eventuality, it is a resolution that you have taken or want to undertake for a specific purpose or collective purposes.

A Poojan is a sacred prayer or process undertaken to manifest and achieve the Sankalp.

A Sankalpa Poojan means taking a firm decision and performing ritual(s) (Pooja) to accomplish a purpose either to ward off any hurdles or for prosperity.

Why do ‘Sankalp Poojan’ (SP) with me?

I can tell you what Sankalp you will exactly require for your issue or intent or purpose.

I have done Sankalp Poojans for specific intents like relationships, health, financial issues to get a quick favourable shift and we have had good results out of it.

After a Sankalp Poojan, if required, a Yantra and/or some crystals may be given to you, energized by me.

Over 3700 Sankalp Poojans have been performed under my guidance, wherein people have reaped its benefits.

When to do 'Sankalp Poojan' (SP) with me?

Any time, whenever YOU feel the need for it.

You don't have to wait for an issue or challenge to arise to do a Sankalp Poojan. It can also be done for prosperity, peace of mind, or before starting any auspicious task or warding off any obstacles. In short, whatever Sankalp you desire, can be achieved to get a quick favourable shift.

Where and how will I do 'Sankalp Poojan' (SP) for you?

It can be done in person or virtually.