Meditation Teaching Module (MTM)

About Meditation from my point of view

Due to our rich Indian heritage, meditation has been an integral part of our culture. There is a lot of knowledge online and offline available on meditation. We already know the basics of meditation.

Meditation increases your awareness in life and gives you clarity in making the right decisions. It accentuates your awareness and makes you a more stable, content and prosperous person.

Meditations like Chakra Dhyana, Breath watch, learning about your aura and managing the same and Intent mining and its basics help you to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and channel them accordingly.

One should develop a technique of meditation according to their present state of mind and practice diligently and grow over a period of time so they are able to vibrate at a higher frequency.

To simply put it up, Meditation is your medication to bliss.

What is it all about to learn 'Meditation Teaching Module' (MTM) and get certified from me?

When you are concerned with and are working towards purifying the impurities of your mind and others, it means you are contributing towards purifying collective consciousness. When your state brims to a point wherein it wants to transcend into radiating positive energy and make up a meaningful difference by touching lives, learning the 'Meditation Teaching Module' (MTM) will empower you to tackle the discontented minds and align them to their maximum potential and towards prosperity.

The teachings you would undergo and the certification you will earn will act as instruments for you to do the same.

A WhatsApp message was circulated during the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak; about few lessons learnt-

  • How animals feel in the zoo.
  • Only women are not supposed to know cooking.
  • Actors are just entertainers; they are not heroes.
  • The planet regenerates quickly without humans in play.
  • Health Professionals are the actual saviours and warriors to the pandemic.
***Safe Quarantined World***

Similarly, in the post-pandemic era, Meditation Teachers will be the actual carriers to happiness, i.e. Meditation Teachers will play the most pivotal role in the New World Foundation and Formation.

Why learn 'Meditation Teaching Module' (MTM) from me?

The meditation teaching techniques created by Smita Ji Jayakar are new and original, designed to help, transform and heal one’s mind and spirit.. Once you develop your healing power- moving through you, you will heal others and set their ‘Souls On Fire.’

You will be able to design and teach meditation to an individual or a group or even a large gathering. That kind of prudence and knowledge you will embrace yourself with.

Your meditation teaching journey would be estimated from developing you into a seasoned practitioner, to not just a meditation teacher but a prodigy.

When to learn 'Meditation Teaching Module' (MTM) from me?

  • When you get a signal for seeking guidance from higher energies.
  • When you have a strong inclination towards teaching meditation and make others realize its immense and infinite benefits.
  • When your need for giving is way higher.
  • Getting universal signs and feeling a deep sense of support from the universal energy.
  • When you trust to be driven by your instincts and intuitions.
  • When your intentions are not operated out of the ego to conquer and exploit it unreasonably
  • When you operate out of humility, a state of gratitude and wanting to share the grace that you have acquired for the greater good of humanity.

Where and how to learn 'Meditation Teaching Module' (MTM) from me?

It will be done virtually. In certain situations, sessions may happen in-person depending on the module. The program is conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar and is assisted by her team.

A curriculum and a lesson planner would be designed after a detailed evaluation of your spiritual potency with an objective (as stated above) to first get you to a stage of a seasoned practitioner and subsequently into not just a meditation teacher but a prodigy.