Teacher Training Certification (TTC)

What is the 'Teacher Training Certification' (TTC)?

Smita Ji Jayakar Certification Program i.e. 'Teacher Training Certification' (TTC) is for those individuals who practice spirituality as their way of life and now are intuitively guided, have a deeper connection and a defining purpose to make spirituality as their way of living as it is said, "Make your passion your profession and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
With this Certification earned, You can expect three culminations -

  • Start your own career in Spiritual Teaching and Healing.
  • Have it as an achievement to be proud of, in your string of achievements (like having a feather in your cap).
  • You may hit a chance to work under and with Smita Ji Jayakar herself and her organisation.

All certification candidates are monitored and given One-on-One mentoring. The Certification will be mentored to you and the various techniques, sadhanas, specific module learnings are carried out within a period of 16 months to 24 months. Some may complete it within 12 months.

Smita Ji Jayakar and the standards she sets, plus her level of commitment towards the certification candidates will make such an inner shift, that will bring out the shine in them, making them ready as a genuine, ethical and a result giving teacher and healer.

Earning this certificate demonstrates and affirms your commitment and dedication giving you the very credibility your future clients will need.

Why do the ‘Teacher Training Certification’ (TTC)?

It took Smita Ji Jayakar 37 years, 36 certifications in 35 modalities, starting from a novice to an enthusiast, to a learner, being a seeker, being devoted, self explored, learning from her Gurus and Masters, who have then blessed her as Boons (Vardaan) with the same, countless effort and relentless time for her Sadhanas, massive experience to being an expert and in a state of being connected to the Source.

All of this combined together, Smita Ji has created this ‘Teacher Training Certification’ (TTC) program that would render you the best, main and most meaningful extracts, above all, the crux. That will empower you to be a proficient teacher and healer who is ready to take on clients, to Heal them and set their Soul on Fire!

There will be evaluations conducted from time-to-time to ensure that you're navigated accurately towards building excellent standards.

When and how to do the 'Teacher Training Certification' (TTC)?

When at a juncture, you really want to crystallize your spirituality into a living, include it in the arsenal of your achievements or get a chance to join Smita Ji Jayakar and her organisation, the ‘Teacher Training Certification’ (TTC) will provide you that right space or apt platform to execute your crystallization of spirituality.

When you have a personal vision to touch lives in the most positive manner, the certificate acts as an instrument of authenticity that you have taken a responsible step towards the greater good.

So how to get there? Smita Ji Jayakar will certify you in modules, wherein you are a Meditation Expert or an Auto Writer or a Chakra Healer or a Heaven Answers Card Reader.

If you do your specialisation in all the four modules combined (i.e. Complete Certification), you will be certified with the ‘Complete Specialization Certification’, designated as a Specialised Teacher, Reader, Auto-Writer and a Healer.

Similarly, you can do three modules combined or two modules combined or a single module.

Sr. No Module Name Designation Certified
A Teaching Meditation Module Teacher
B Heaven Answers Module Reader
C Auto-Writing Module Auto-Writer
D Chakra Module Healer
Sr. No Certification
1 Four Modules Combined Complete Specialization Certification
2 Three Modules Combined Triple Specialization Certification
3 Two Modules Combined Double Specialization Certification
4 Single Module Single Specialization Certification

(For more details, visit the TTC modules page)

Where to do the 'Teacher Training Certification' (TTC)?

It will be done virtually.

In certain situations, sessions may happen in-person depending on the module. The program is conducted by Smita Ji Jayakar and is assisted by her team.