Spiritual Diet – Weight Loss Transformation (SDWLT)

What is ‘Spiritual Diet Weight Loss Transformation’ (SDWLT) according to me?

For me, there is no definition that suits the mere word diet. I do not believe in any complicated or any fad diet concepts when it comes to weight loss.

I don’t advocate any particular kind of diet. According to me it’s mere energy that you consume because we all are energy beings and the food you eat should resonate with your frequency and your body. For me, the most important factor of what kind of food you consume depends on QQT (Quality, Quantity and Timing).

I operate from a metaphysical level and therefore, I will require you to put your mind, body and soul in sync with the energy field I operate. My prerequisite for your weight loss is for you to have a definite purpose and a right intent.

I can assure you that my diet will demand no sacrifice from you or change your lifestyle. You will be able to eat anything and everything and more and not crave for food.

Why do ‘Spiritual Diet Weight Loss Transformation’ (SDWLT) with Me?

I am a Mesomorph body type which means I put on weight easily and lose weight with great difficulty. I am not a fitness freak; I hate doing exercises.

With my Master Maitreya Dadashreeji’s grace I have been able to crack the code for myself and I have shed about 17 kilos and maintained my weight for the past 4 years.

I eat everything I wish to eat, including sweet and fried items.

After having worked on myself, I also experimented this formula on a set of people. They have experienced a phenomenal weight loss transformation. (please check the videos and testimonials).

When is the right time to do ‘Spiritual Diet Weight Loss Transformation’ (SDWLT) with me?

Whenever you feel you are not happy with your own weight and your body, you can reach out to me. Mainly I need to know the intent and purpose for the same and after I am convinced, we can go ahead. Rest assured you will see the results.

Where and how will I do ‘Spiritual Diet Weight Loss Transformation’ (SDWLT) for you?

This will depend on a case to case basis. There are simple guidelines and protocols you will have to follow.